About Us

We believe in accessible, affordable, and quality home solutions.

Our Founder

Our company was founded in 2006 by Rich  Lisowsky, a consultant and investment banker turned solution guru — all because he got mold in his new Chapel Hill home.

“The house we were moving into in had a water filtration system that was not draining properly. The result was that water was dumped in an area… which then allowed the mold to grow.

I set out to try and get help to get rid of the mold. Easier said than done. We had trouble getting anyone to come to our home to address the problem and DIY remedies were not readily available. So, with the help of a friend, we fixed the leak, removed damaged material, and used the right chemical solutions to remediate the area properly.

I began discussing this topic with realtors and property managers. I had no idea what an issue mold and mold remediation can be at times in the sale/purchase and/or the upkeep/management of real estate in our area. In many cases, it seemed that mold remediation was wrongfully being sold as a scary, one-size fits all solution. The reality is that each household mold situation is unique, and may require special handling tailored specifically to the needs of that individual project.

That’s when The Mold Solutions Group was born.” -Rich Lisowsky

From The Mold Solutions Group to The Solutions Group

The Early Stages

We started as The Mold Solutions group, a mold remediation company, but quickly realized our team is capable of so much more!  The push to expand and grow was largely brought on when Jeff Umbarger came onto the team which added a construction element to our approach.  We then started adding other services such as drainage solutions, and general contractor build and repair. 

The evolution into contracting just made sense.  Most of our employees didn’t start out in mold remediation.  They started in the construction field.  Its the strong construction background that makes us so unique.  We actually know how your house was put together.  That gives us a significant advantage over the others when we set out to correct your problem…and if that involves tearing it apart, better believe we can put it back together!

Virtual Home Solutions & The Solutions Group

We quickly realized that since we expanded our offerings, The Mold Solutions Group name might not work for everything  That’s why we developed The Solutions Group as an add-on to MSG — but don’t worry, it’s the same group of trust-worthy people helping you get the solutions you need for your home.

We’ve also added Virtual Home Solutions, our awesome, convenient, way for customers to get answers to their questions.  We first started using this as a pre-evaluation tool, to limit the time spent on an initial inspection.

After finding most people could actually solve the problem themselves, we knew we were onto something.  Now you can use Virtual Home Solutions for anything — issue in your home, working on a DIY project, diagnosing something.  We’re here to help — virtually!

Upcoming Plans

Yes. We never stop expanding, growing, and building to better serve our customers.  Just like a home, it constantly needs to be maintained and evaluated.  That’s how we approach everything at MSG.

That’s why we developed The Solutions Group

  • Customer Portal - Ability to login, track orders, see past work orders (including any contracts, photos, or notes), and more.
  • Virtual Home Solutions - Further expanding to make it even more accessible! Including blog and community efforts to see other members tips, tricks, and fixes!
  • Complete tech integration! Track upcoming inspections, get text alerts/notifications, etc.

Have you ever had work done with your home, or needed work done, and thought “It’d be so cool if they could also do this?” or “I wish I could find a company that did this”?

Lets us know!  We’re constantly looking for ways to add-on to our company to better serve you.  Send us an email.