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  • One stop shop for virtually all issues found in home inspection reports
    Just received an overwhelming inspections report from your Home Inspector? Let us help with only having to make one call! We can typically handle your entire home inspection punch list. Just call us and we will handle the rest. Now you can concentrate on more important things, like your client. If you have trades that you have a relationship with (i.e.: HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing), just pass that info along to us at the start and we will get them in the loop where appropriate. The best thing is, once we have this information in our database as your preferred trade, you don’t even have to do that again! We are here to help make your job as easy as possible.
  • Thorough inspection reports and proposals provided to your clients at no additional charge typically within 36 hours
    We know there are some companies out there that give you a boiler plate solution and price before they leave the driveway, and then they want a commitment before they leave because the deal offered is only available while they are there. The hard sell. Most people feel this is a little icky, ourselves included. We gather information that is relevant to your client only. We do this using the long lost art of listening to you. We then take this information back with us and actually construct a plan of action that best serves the needs of THIS particular client in THIS particular situation. They are all a bit different and not all need a Cadillac option. Once we have determined the best option for you and your client’s needs, it gets written up into a detailed report (with pictures) and sent to you personally to distribute however you see fit within 36 hrs. Of course there are times when the turnaround needs to be a bit sooner. Don’t let the 36 hours fool you. If we need to, we can get you a proposal the same day. Just ask! Our reports are factual and based in common sense. We do not elaborate. What we see is what you get!
  • 10% off of services for your clients
    Helping Realtors is where we started this business years ago. We have always strived to be a reliable and honest source of information for you and your clients…and we love helping you through our “Realtor Only” discounts for your clients. We feel this helps provide you that little something extra to pass along because buying a house is a big deal, and a little help along the way is always appreciated. Check back here often because the deals will change on occasion and you don’t want to miss them.
  • Lifetime crawlspace monitoring program
    Nobody else does this. Who ever heard of going back to a customer to see if things are still good? Well, we do it and when you think about it, it just makes sense. What better way to establish trust in a contractor than to have them reinspect their work on an annual basis to see if everything is still working. This also provides your client with a piece of mind that they can’t get anywhere else. Our crawlspace monitoring is for all of our customers that want it. Heck, we’ll even offer it to customers that we didn’t do work for. Let’s face it, nobody wants to go in their crawlspace and crawl around. So let us do it! In our annual reinspection, we are checking for:
    – Overall conditions
    – Humidity Levels
    – Moisture Levels in the structure
    – Dehumidifier Servicing (if applicable)
    – Sump Pump functionality (if applicable)
    – Water intrusion (If found, we are then checking the exterior for possible contributing factors)
    – Crawlspace system failures (i.e.: HVAC problems like disconnected ductwork or sweating components; plumbing leaks.)
    – Excessive rodent activity
    We then write up a report and send it to you so that you can see what conditions are like under your home, without ever having to go in there! Awesome, right?!?
  • Lunch and Learns: via zoom available
    The way we do business is hard to explain through words on a page…and we are sure you have questions about exactly what that is. That’s why we like to see you in person to personally go over all the ways we can help you and make your life easier. From “What do you do with those foundation vents?” to “encapsulation or not, what are the pros and cons?” to “Who do I call for this problem?”, we are here to help. Heck, we might even bring you a bunch of food! Please give us a call and have out to speak with you in person and get all your questions answered.
  • Check it out on our Mold 101 pageA non-scary factual library of content for your customers to educate themselves in the world of mold.
    Years ago, we started writing things down as we researched them. Our theories, facts, processes…you name it, we wanted to document it. At first, it was just for our in-house use so that we didn’t have to repeat ourselves and to have a place to go to refresh our memory when we ran across something unusual that we had dealt with before. We came to realize that this information that we were gathering was not only good for us, but could be an invaluable resource for anyone who wanted it. So, we started doing blogs and posting them, but we soon realized that style of information is here one second and gone the next, hard to reference without a lot of searching. For that reason, we started the Mold 101 page. It is where we put information that we gather as we go through this journey of mold that we have embarked on. We are curious by nature, so we enjoy finding new things. As we do, we will pass them along to you. Mold 101 is a safe place to send your clients who have questions about mold. It is based in fact and experience with none of that scary stuff that you find on the web. (Seriously, stop looking at that stuff! ). It will change constantly so check back often. But, if you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and ask the question. We will not only answer the question for you but we will add your question to the ol’ 101 page!