These are words that have been thrown around for many years. They especially run rampant in the trades industry. Everybody wants you to know that they can be trusted so they actively tell you that they are honest…trustworthy. It’s kind of like the phrase “to be honest…”. well what were telling me before you said that? Read More

Tried and True a la carte

You can believe us when we say, “we’ve tried them all”. In our quest for the perfect balance of effective crawlspace management and our client’s budget, we have been open to everything. Trust me, there are some hair brained schemes out there and their effectiveness is somewhat suspect. Read More

The Pros and Cons of Right 

There are many versions of “service” out there. Picking a company to do work on your home can be a very confusing, dare we say “daunting” task. You’ve taken note, researched online and asked for your friend’s recommendations. Sometimes it all boils down to your gut feeling on the many people you have talked to. Read More

Protect your investment 
When you look at one of our reports, there will usually be three categories: Remediation, Restoration and Preventative Measures. It always surprises me that most will stop at Restoration. I guess the mind-set is that “if I can just get it back to a good condition, I can monitor it from there and take care of any issues that arise”. Truth is, how many of us, myself included, crawl around in our crawlspaces? Read More

What is a dry well?
Well Wikipedia says that a “Dry Well is an underground structure that disposes of unwanted water, most commonly surface runoff and stormwater and in some cases grey-water”. For our purposes, we will stick with surface or roof run-off. Read More

Sump Pumps
It starts with a need for water extraction Many people have water issues whether it be in a crawlspace or in a basement. Read More

Should I encapsulate my crawlspace? Read this discussion paper

Have you ever had mold testing done in your home? When the test results, was it just a bunch of data that had no explanation or did some actually explain what was going on and what this data could actually mean?
9 times out of 10, it’s the former scenario. We wanted to find a pretty straightforward explanation about air tests and what they mean for our customer. We think this document is pretty good and can get you in the ballpark of enlightenment. Per our MO. it isn’t scary. It’s just the facts ma’am. Grab a cuppa joe and have a read out on the porch. Pay attention because there will be a test.

Gutter Systems are key to moisture and water control at a homes foundation. If they aren’t working properly, issues may show up in your crawlspace. Below are some simple tips to help keep your gutters flowing. 
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