Mold Remediation

Our Process

  • 1A problem is verified during the inspection process.
  • 2You'll receive a report with recommendations. Reports are “a la carte” and options are made available to you.
  • 3We'll discuss these options with you and allow you to decide on how to proceed. A formal scope of work is submitted based off the customer’s needs and budget.
  • 4We arrive on the date scheduled and begin work. Length of time will vary based on scope of work.
  • 5Work area is cleaned and you can relax! If you had work done to your crawlspace, you will now be part of our Crawlspace Monitoring Program.

The remediation starts at the inspection process. We take inspections very serious. Our entire team is involved in our recommendations to you.  It is our job to determine the source or your problem, so we look at every detail.  Inspections are where all of the problems are noted and your scope of work will be based off of this information. 

Your report will contain all of the pictures we take throughout the inspection so you can see those hidden parts of your home and verify where the problem is.   Depending on your particular situation, your options may vary. We try to explain our reasoning in detail but we are never offended if you call us to ask a question.

Your inspection report includes a customized folder link that will contain all of your documents (photos, inspections, proposals, revisions, etc) so you can have easy access to everything at once.  While reviewing your proposal, if you have concerns about price, scope of work, or anything else, we’ll work with you to try and find solutions that best work for you. 

Once the details from our inspection are worked out with you, a formal proposal is issued.  Upon final approval, we can schedule a start date to start on the project.  

The actual remediation process involves a HEPA Vacuum, wire brush and/or wipe down of all applicable surfaces of the crawlspace with an EPA registered fungicide, mildewstat and disinfectant (depending on your scope of work). Negative air is established during the process to rid the air of contaminants.  If your project involves the interior of the home, a containment area is built around the work zone. Air scrubbers are used to prevent any cross contamination of “clean” areas. Once the process begins, unauthorized personnel will not be allowed access into the area unless proper PPE is utilized, they are trained in its use and the potential hazards associated with entering the work zone are understood.

All precautions are taken towards keeping your family’s well being in mind.

Unfortunately, we are only human and cannot see through walls. If there are hidden problems uncovered during a remediation, we let you know immediately. We will also offer you recommendations as to how to approach the repair. We have been known to just fix it if the repair is minor.

Rest assured that you will get the most complete remediation job out there. Our project checks and balances leave minimal room for error so you’re guaranteed a clean slate when we are done.  Once the remediation is complete, we clean up and move on to the next one!

We’ve made it our priority to maintain high standards.
That’s why our reviews haven’t changed since we first started!