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With our extensive experience with mold remediation & crawl-spaces, we’ve become experts on drainage solutions to prevent mold for our customers. 

There are many approaches to controlling water around your home. We like to start with verifying that water control measures you already have are working. After that, it’s simple process of elimination to get to the root of the issue.

Prevent further damage or issues by addressing the drainage problem and properly waterproof your home

Every home is different — we’ll inspect your situation and offer you solutions that best fit your home and your budget.

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Interior Foundation Waterproofing

Crawlspace & Basement Waterproofing

Foundation Drain Installation

A close-up view of a brown downspout improperly connected to a black flexible adapter intended to direct water away from the foundation of a house.
Gutters are the most overlooked problem that can cause serious foundation issues

You may not realize it, but a roof system collects an amazing amount of water and if your gutters are not functioning properly, all of this water could be channeled to your foundation and/or the structure itself.

Many homes have underground drainage connected to the downspouts. This is a great idea if done correctly. Typically, a homeowner has no idea where the underground drainage even goes. We offer a method of testing your underground drainage system to verify functionality and tell you where it runs to daylight. That way you’ll know where the outlets are so that they can be maintained. If there is a problem found, we will offer solutions to fix it.

  • Make sure that your gutters are cleaned and there are no leaking seams.
  • Repair damage from trees promptly.
  • Downspouts must direct water away from the home. Utilize downspout extensions if you do not have an adequate slope away from your home to keep water from getting into your crawlspace.
  • Exterior drainage systems should always be constructed of PVC pipe. HDPE (black corrugated) pipe is commonly used by many contractors but this should be considered an inferior method. HDPE is susceptible to crushing and aggressive root systems will bust through the pipe looking for water thus rendering it useless. Rigid PVC has a better chance at longevity.
  • Exterior underground downspout drainage should be solid PVC pipe and it should be it’s own separate system. Never combine downspout drainage with your foundation footer drain or your positive drain from the crawlspace.
  • Know where your exterior drainage outlets are so that you can maintain them!
  • All French drains must be silt protected in addition to the drainage stone. Otherwise, you will be doing it again soon due to it being clogged.  
  • HDPE piping is fine for interior (crawlspace) use since there is less possibility of crushing or damage from roots.
  • Foundation drains must be in front of and below the footer!
  • A bucket is not a proper sump basin.  Sorry Mr. Bucket!  🙂

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