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Virtual Home Solutions - Updated & Better than ever!

After years of countless home inspections, we came to find that most home issues were minor things that our customers could actually do themselves!  That’s why we started offering Virtual Home Solutions years ago in an effort to save our customers time and money.  



$50 for up to an hour of discussion.  Prorated for actual time spent.  Any charges will be credited against any future work.

No gimmicks. We genuinely want to provide homeowners with the most information so they can take the best care of their homes.  After your consultation, you’ll receive a follow-up link where you can pay what you think is fair.

Since these consultations help us grow our brand while using little resources, we want to further show our customers that our company is all about paying it forward and the golden rule.  That is why we have decided to donate 10% off any payments from Virtual Mold Solutions to charity.

Virtual Home Solutions Provides:
  • Schedule it on your time
  • Save time & money by preventing unnecessary inspections or quotes
  • Your choice of a phone consultation, video call, or easy text
  • No add-ons, hidden fees, or sales pitch

It's convenient and easy

Step 1. Start with our interactive form

Provide as much information as possible so we can be ready to assist during your consultation.

Step 2. Choose your preferred method of contact

Text, video call, email or request an in person inspection -- we work with you.

Step 3. Get the answers you need!

Whether you walk away learning how to fix the problem yourself or realize the problem needs a professional, you'll feel more in control about the situation.

Here are a few examples of how to utilize our virtual services... it sure can handle a multitude of situations...but not all.  

Bottom line, we're trying to be efficient with each others
precious commodities...time and money.

-Suspected fungal growth. Is this normal…or is this something that warrants a little more thorough approach to remediation.
-Drainage questions.
-We can help be an interactive planning guide. We can help you ask the right questions so you are making well informed decisions

-We can be online while you are performing a task that you wouldn’t mind someone assure you that you’ve got things under control
-Help diagnose a problem that is more easily worked though with an interactive experience of some sort.

Don’t see yours listed?  Our team can still try and help!

“Rich was a tremendous help with identifying several different issues causing mold inside my home. He reviewed photos and talked with my by phone, providing advice on how I could inspect further to determine cause and possible treatments. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

-Angie’s List Review 2/9/2021

FAQ & Tips to Get Started

  • If you choose the video option, please make sure you have a strong WiFi connection prior to connecting.
  • Try to provide adequate lighting for the problem you’re trying to diagnose. 
  • Ask family members, roommates, or any other household member if they’ve noticed the problem. They may be able to provide extra details!

Our Virtual solution is typically for general home repairs and issues.  For larger issues (such as draining, plumbing, or severe mold), we use it as a pre-in home inspection.

Our main goal of this service is to empower and inform.  Not everything can be determined through a photo or video.  If we cannot tell the issue from a virtual consultation, we won’t guess and provide you with false information.  We also never push you to make an in-home inspection with us.  

Nothing! We found by empowering our customers and providing them with the best information possible, if they do need our services in the future, they’ll keep us in mind or refer us.  That’s a great reward for a simple phone call and helping you fix something yourself.

We have major projects that we work on, so saving our resources is just as important as saving yours!

Absolutely!  We’re happy to set up an in-person inspection for your home needs.  

We always try to start with at least a phone call prior to an in-person inspection to discuss the issue at hand.  Inspections are a flat-rate of $75 for properties within the Triangle.  This fee is waived if you hire us for your project work.

Absolutely not!  You can live anywhere to use this service.  However, if we suggest that a problem will need professional help — we may not be able to recommend companies in your area but we can help you know what questions to ask before hiring!