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Check out some of the projects we've worked on.  And no, the pig was not photoshopped into the crawlspace. When we say that we really have seen it all, it's no exaggeration. 

How we work

Depending on the stage of the process you are in, the document you’re reading might not be the formal scope of work. Consider it a template that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The formal scope of work is provided once you’ve made your decision. Once you’ve reviewed it and are ready to proceed, respond to the email containing the formal proposal with “Yes, I approve,” and we’ll schedule the work accordingly.

Our reports and proposals often contain several “options.” These options frequently complement each other to create a comprehensive solution for your home. However, if you have immediate concerns or budget constraints, we can adapt the scope of work to address your most pressing needs. We believe in transparency and provide you with all the information needed to make informed decisions.

During the remediation process, we adhere to proper remediation. In some cases, we divide projects into phases, separating demo/remediation from the rebuilding phase as needed. Rest assured, we never invoice for incomplete tasks.

Please be aware that the size and accessibility of your home’s space can influence pricing. Several aspects of our process are based on square footage. Larger homes often require more time and materials.

It’s essential to understand that while we can significantly reduce mold spore concentrations, achieving an altogether “mold-free” environment is unrealistic. Mold spores are omnipresent, but we can prevent them from becoming a concentrated problem in your home. Our vapor barrier serves as a primary line of defense against moisture and mold growth in your crawlspace. However, achieving 100% coverage applies to the crawlspace ground, and additional services like sealing the walls or taping seams will be mentioned as separate line items with associated charges.

We don’t recommend sealing foundation walls or installing sheet foam insulation unless specific drainage measures are in place to handle exterior water issues. Sealing can obscure your ability to monitor exterior drainage problems, potentially leading to severe issues down the road. 

If any issues are discovered during the project that were previously overlooked, we promptly inform you so you can decide how to address them. Our licensed electrician handles all electrical-related items. 

Commercial-grade dehumidifiers are highly recommended for your crawlspace. These units are designed for the crawlspace environment and provide optimal performance. Once installed, maintenance becomes the homeowner’s responsibility. Condensate lines on the exterior of the foundation wall will extend only as far as gravity allows. Some cases may require a sump and basin or even a condensate pump, incurring additional fees.

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At the Mold Solutions Group our experienced team can help you get the job done.  We make it easy by being easily accessible via phone or text so you can get the answers you need.