Our checklist for crawlspace inspections- Feel free to borrow it!

  1. The Crawlspace door: Is it in good shape (hinges, latches, wood, etc.)?  Does it seal properly?  The crawlspace access door is your first line of defense against undesirable animals gaining entry to underneath your home.  Yikes!
  2. Fungal Growth: Any sign of fungal growth can be quickly nipped in the bud before it gets a chance to become an issue.  Fungal growth is a sure sign that your crawlspace has a moisture problem.
  3. Insulation condition: Hanging insulation can mean excess condensation is occurring in your crawlspace.  We also look for signs of rodents nesting in your warm insulation.
  4. Humidity Levels: Humidity control is key to keeping troublesome fungal growth at bay.
  5. Water Staining: Staining on your foundation walls from water/moisture is a sure sign of bigger issues. Block and brick are NOT impervious to water penetration; moisture can make its way into your crawlspace.   Is the water around your home being controlled?  We will let you know.
  6. Obvious Leaks from Systems: Leaks can become a headache if they are not caught.  Not only do leaks create unwanted moisture in a crawlspace, they cost you money…now.  Plumbing lines, water heaters and HVAC units can all create unwanted moisture issues.  Catch them quickly and have them addressed before your wallet starts dripping!
  7. Ductwork: Your ductwork is a major contributor to what you may be experiencing in your home.  A leaky seam/connection can allow “dirty” crawlspace air to be pulled into the duct from the crawlspace as the “clean” air travels through as it heats or cools your home.  Bleh!  We also inspect for compromised duct insulation and age decomposition.
  8. Moisture Levels: Moisture readings will be taken in your wooden floor system.  Elevated levels indicate a problem.
  9. Potential Hazards: Rodents are notorious for wreaking havoc in a home.  They will chew wires, plastic, ductwork…whatever they can sink their teeth into.   They also leave a mess that is potentially hazardous to humans.  Not to mention the fact that they will scare you to death if you come across one!