Complete crawlspace care: From remediation to prevention

The Solutions Group’s president, Rich Lisowsky, shares his perspective on protecting your crawlspace investment with preventative measures.

When you look at one of our reports, there will usually be three main categories:

  1. Remediation
  2. Restoration
  3. Preventative Measures

It always surprises me that most companies specializing in crawlspaces and mold will stop at restoration. I guess the mind-set is that “if I can just get it back to a good condition, I can monitor it from there and take care of any issues that arise”.

Truth is, how many of us, myself included, crawl around in our crawlspaces? How many of us even know what to look for? Fortunately, I can exclude myself from the later but that doesn’t excuse my laziness when it comes to my personal crawlspace.

The Preventative Measures category is just what it says, a prevention of an existing / known problem. Why not protect the investment you have just made in your crawlspace? If the moisture issues that feed the problem are not dealt with, the issue will return in the near future.

An analogy would be hitting a home run, stopping short of home plate and heading to the locker room. What you just did doesn’t count for anything. Yes, it sure looked pretty but…it really makes all the sense in the world if you think about it long term. An unresolved problem will return and cost as much (or more) than the last time.

The bottom line is this; protect the investment you have just made with a method of prevention. Go ahead and score that run!