COVID Guidelines

Your family's health is a priority to us.
Please stay safe and review our COVID guidelines.

The guidelines for protection

The following guidelines are for your protection as well as our staffs.  We are utilizing the CDC guidelines as well as our own additional precautions.


Inspections will still be offered to our customers.  However, in these interesting times, we now have strict precautions that we are taking.
  • An exterior or crawlspace inspection should pose no real threats to you or our staff if the guidelines below are followed.
  • All communication with our customers will be via electronic means, as best/when possible. Texting, phone and or video calls will be utilized as a replacement.
  • Face to face interaction will be limited or not at all. If face to face interaction is unavoidable, it is our request that all parties stay at least 6’ (more is better) apart. All parties should be wearing some combination of personal protection equipment such as masks and/or gloves as warranted.
  • It is our request that your issues be stated as clear and detailed as possible so that it is not necessary for you to be present during the inspection. It is prudent to separate yourself from an outside party during an inspection.
  • Interior inspections, where we have to physically enter the home, will require further precautions.
  • Prior to the inspection, you must have relayed detailed information to our office so that we can perform the inspection with limited contact.
  • Please do not be offended when we ask the required questions as to whether or not you, a member of your family or close family member/friend has had or currently has the virus. Have you traveled outside of our country recently or if you are currently feeling symptoms of the flu or similar. 
  • We will inform you via electronic means (either by text or phone), when we have arrived at your home.
  • You will then inform us when it is safe to enter your home. Please respect current social distancing recommendations. If you have a means of covering your face with a mask, please do so.  Our inspectors will be covered at all times.
  • Please contain any animals that you may have during our visit.
  • We will perform the inspection quickly, without touching anything within your home if possible. You will receive a report promptly detailing our findings and we can then discuss the findings via electronic means.
  • It is recommended that any common areas we need to travel through be disinfected by you as you see appropriate once we have left the site.

Other work in or around your home

Crawlspace or exterior work can continue unimpeded. We should not require any contact with you face to face unless something unexpected comes up. We can then implement the social distancing guidelines and proper personal protection suggested for conditions/situation.
  • Interior work will require more precautions for the protection of you, your family and our staff.
  • All of our staff will be masked and gloved as appropriate.
  • We will contain our work area as a barrier between ourselves and you.
  • Air scrubbers will be required on all projects.
  • Fogging disinfectant prior to, during or after the project will be on an as needed basis.
  • Please separate yourself as much as possible from the project. If face to face contact is necessary, please practice the social distancing suggestions.
  • It is recommended that any common areas we need to travel through be disinfected by you as you see appropriate once we have left the site.


Please remember that these guidelines are for the protection of you as well as us. Be smart, distance yourself and stay safe – stay alive.

Still have conerns?

If you have any concerns about our practices or guidelines during this time, please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.  We will accommodate our customers to the best of our ability especially during this time.