Balancing instinct with insight in your search for quality

Choosing the right home service provider is a blend of instinct and insight from due diligence.

Gut Check
There are many versions of “service” out there. Picking a company to do work on your home can be a very confusing, dare we say “daunting” task. You’ve taken notes, researched online and asked for your friend’s recommendations. Sometimes it all boils down to your gut feeling on the many people you have talked to.

We all, including myself, have been burned by contractors, flim flam men, and snake oil salesman and yes, I am comparing the former to the latter. Just because you have a license does not give you “license” to speak intelligently about anything much less someone’s most prized possession…their home.

Beware of the contractor who is bidding on work that is out of his of her area of expertise. Having your bug guy paint your house or the plumber fix your computer is out of the question, right? Just like the bid you receive that is considerably less than all of the others. This should be suspect. Chances are that the low bid is nowhere near an approved method or process…the situation could be made significantly worse and end up costing you considerably more in the long run.

Doing it right costs money.
But doing it wrong costs more.

Remember to always check references ( is a great source) and listen to trusted friends recommendations. If Angi and your friends are happy, you have a better shot at the desired result with honest information along the way.

Trust your gut, but be informed.